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Alissa Ahn

Happy Women in Tech Tuesday, friends! Today, we’re delighted to share more about one of our Business Analysts, Alissa Ahn. As a BA, Alissa learns more about clients’ business processes, identifies their pain points, gathers requirements for an ideal solution, and employs best practices along the way.  

Alissa recalls that her most memorable experience at Catalyst was the day of her interview. She met with our COO and one of our Senior Project Managers, and the group ended up talking for hours…literally, hours! 

For Alissa, Catalyst came with more than a new job; it came with a family. It came with leaders that challenge our teams. It came with incredibly smart and supportive co-workers. Finally, it came with the opportunity to learn and to innovate in an ever-changing industry. 

When Alissa first started working at a different firm, a former colleague once asked her, “If the lead on your project was out sick, would you need to cancel meetings? Or could you step up to continue the project?” Since then, Alissa challenges herself every day to not fall into a pattern of mediocrity and leans in at every chance to do so. For that reason and many more, we are so grateful to have Alissa onboard! 

Catherine Au Jong

She is responsible for communicating with clients to gather business requirements, analyze their pain points, and ultimately deliver a transformative solution.

Catherine is also Catalyst’s resident fashionista. Outside of work, you can find her sewing, exploring fashion trends, and taking pictures of murals around our great city. This creativity informs Catherine’s work at Catalyst, as the problem-solving and design stages of product delivery require a great deal of innovation and ingenuity.

Catherine advises fellow women in STEM to realize that the power for change starts from inside each and every one of us.

In combatting negative internal voices, Catherine notes that she finds the confidence to start something new. In starting something new, Catherine constantly pushes herself outside her comfort zone, gathering more experience and becoming more and more confident in her work. Catherine is an instrumental part of our team, and we thank her for her insight and inspirational words of wisdom!

Komal Shah

Today, Catalyst is pleased to unveil our #WomenInTech Tuesday campaign! We’re thrilled to kick off this initiative that showcases the talent and spirit of the ladies of Catalyst. 

Starting things off is Komal Shah, one of Catalyst’s Software Developers based at the Chicago Department of Aviation. Komal believes that the first step to producing great work is to love what you do. It is for this reason that she thrives off the challenges presented to developers like herself. She enjoys that software development is an ever-evolving field that allows for continuous learning, and she remarks that this constant learning is facilitated by Catalyst’s inviting atmosphere and support from other friendly faces at the company. 

Outside of work hours, you can find Komal playing tennis, painting, or finding her next travel destination. 

Komal urges STEM workplaces to celebrate the diversity on their team, pushing a step beyond simply having women’s representation on board. 

You are an inspiration to us, Komal! Keep on shining.