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Why Work With Catalyst

The culture that we strive to foster is customer service & satisfaction that consistently exceeds expectations. We approach every project, regardless of size, as if it is our ONLY project/client. Our mission is to work towards elegant solutions that WOW our clients, partners and even our own talent.

How does your team reward individual success?

Catalyst Consulting Group has a culture of recognizing the efforts and outcomes of its team members throughout the year. Recognition can come in the form of critical assignments, educational opportunities, or financial compensation. Team members who take initiative and accountability for their work will be rewarded with strategic and compelling projects. For those team members whose growth and development are a priority to them, Catalyst offers sponsorship of continuing education programs in assorted areas. Outstanding team members are recognized throughout the year through merit-based increases. There are team members who in less than six months at Catalyst have been recognized in all the above ways.

Eric Vazquez Director of Operations

How would you describe the company’s work-life balance?

After years of working in a stressful environment, Catalyst has been a breath of fresh air. The ability to craft a flexible schedule has provided a true work life balance. The organization encourages a holistic approach to wellness and conducts regular activities to help enhance your overall well-being.

Amelia Smith Project Manager

How does the company support your career growth?

Catalyst has played a huge role in my growth and development within the IT field. They’ve placed me in positions and roles that enabled me to learn on the job, along with my own initiative in studying for Salesforce courses to supplement and accelerate my growth. Catalyst has a range of staff members that have acted as mentors in guiding me to the next stages of growth in my career.

Alex Soraparu Customer Support Specialist

What is the primary reason you enjoy working for our company?

Catalyst’s culture and environment provide a strong sense of belonging and being valued. I’m trusted and encouraged to tackle roles, responsibilities, and assignments that interest and challenge me. My contributions are truly appreciated, and part of something bigger. I have the personal satisfaction of being part of visionary and industry leading technical solutions in the public sector.

Rudi Weber Senior Project Manager

How does mentorship affect the success of the company/How does it affect your growth?

Being a mentor is both one of the greatest responsibilities and the most rewarding of tasks. As someone who was mentored during multiple internships before graduating, I can definitively say the knowledge and experience gained were integral to my own personal growth during my transition from college to the workforce – I still use that knowledge to this day.

As a mentor, passing along my knowledge and experience to the newest generation of developers is one of the most rewarding experiences. At Catalyst, our interns work alongside us to tackle the same real-world challenges we solve for our customers. In doing this we not only provide our interns with the best experiences; this also contributes to our success since our interns bring a fresh perspective to our solutions.

John Marshall Senior Software Engineer

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Catalyst Benefits

When we say our people are the pulse of our organization, we mean it. At Catalyst, we are more than a team of developers, project managers and business analysts. We are a team composed of artists, writers, volunteers, climbers and music enthusiasts who all contribute to our work environment. Though each member of our team fills a role, any of us are happy to tell you we are not defined by our job titles. Working in small groups offers each of us the opportunity to branch out and take on multiple responsibilities. It also allows for us to consistently learn, grow and expand our own skill sets.

100% Employer paid Healthcare, Vision, Dental

Every year, Catalyst researches the best available options for Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, and Life Insurance to provide premium coverage at no cost to our team.

Flexible Schedule and Hours

As the Catalyst team currently continues to work remotely across North America, our focus has shifted from a traditional 9-5 day to following a few basic guidelines, giving our team members autonomy, and accommodating the needs of our clients.

401k and Profit Sharing

Catalyst believes in investing in our people, their now and their future. Therefore, Catalyst contributes a profit share annually to each team member's retirement account whether they have 401K set up with us or not.

Training Reimbursement

Catalyst encourages and supports professional growth among our employees and will reimburse each employee a set amount per calendar year for approved training and certifications.

Impactful Projects

The Catalyst team loves our clients and is passionate about the solutions we build for them. No matter the size, there is a social impact the improves the lives of our neighbors, communities, and the public at large.

Team Building

Catalyst enjoys bringing our teams together in-person and virtually to enjoy each other's company and conversation outside of a project. Whether it is an in-person happy hour, virtual cooking class, chair yoga or pizza garden planting party, there is something for everyone!

Home Office Assistance

Catalyst provides each employee with a company laptop (PC or Mac) for company use. In addition, Catalyst will assist with rounding out your home office with additional monitor, docking station, keyboard, etc. (These items are tailored to everyone.)

At Catalyst, we champion diverse talent. We strive for our teams to celebrate their differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As a minority and immigrant-owned enterprise, we welcome all who value and bring high performance, dedication and hard work to the table. Our broader mission to enable and empower governments to work and serve everyone translates to our workplace.

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