Catalyst Launches Chicago’s New 311 System

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Solution-Based IT Consulting

How often does the word authentic come to mind when thinking of IT consulting? Our guess is, not too often. For us, building meaningful, valuable connections with our clients and partners is just as important as the technology solutions we create. Taking the time to understand the ins and outs of your business isn’t just something we like to use in our sales pitch. It is embedded within the core values of our firm. It is the first step in our business approach, and it is how we’ve sustained long-lasting relationships with our clients for the past 25 years.

Each member of our team brings an innovative approach to the solutions we develop, is committed to your business and is easily accessible when needed most. Let us be the CATALYST that sets you on the course to success without compromising what makes you, you.


Developing new concepts from start to finish requires a planning and design framework that facilitates end-to-end innovation. Our approach keeps your end goals in mind while we identify speed bumps and collectively navigate around possible constraints. Understanding your strategic goals before our collaboration and creation phases improves the overall process resulting in a business solution that revolves around your organization’s specific needs.


The value of a promise is not lost on us. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the way your business operates to ensure expectations are met and success is achieved. In getting to know you and your team, we gain the necessary knowledge that is critical to the enablement and creation of a solution that tackles your business’ unique challenges. Our mission is to guide you down the path of change and help navigate these waters so we can collaboratively get your business where it needs to be.


Our team does not consist of offshore support and outsourced solutions. We still believe in the weight of a handshake and the comfort of local connections. Engineering an innovative solution requires a hands-on approach and day-to-day interaction for success. From start to finish and beyond, we work hand in hand to optimize project activities, manage risks and deliver a solution that drives your business in the direction it wants to move.

The Catalyst Consulting Group team members performed admirably on all of their assigned tasks and represent an outstanding organization that is key to the success of the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Grafe Smith, Former Commissioner of IT/Telecom, Chicago Department of Aviation

Catalyst is a wonderful partner for any organization going through significant technological evolution. Their team represents a deep and diverse set of skills and experiences that ensures we always have someone to rely upon for guidance, even when the questions and challenges we have are esoteric and complex.


Catalyst has been a strong and reliable partner throughout our project with the State of Illinois. They have been an essential component of our team and have brought a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. We look forward to working with Catalyst on an ongoing basis in the future.

Chris Kennedy, COO, Periscope Holdings, Inc.

Catalyst is a reliable technical resource and has never failed to deliver their services in a timely manner. Their team of IT experts is professional with excellent knowledge in their subject matter. For nearly 10 years, Catalyst has been very responsive in addressing our needs. We couldn’t be any happier.

Poh P’ng, Director of IT, Cook County Clerk’s Office


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